Got nothing better to do while you're stuck at home amid the Enhanced Community Quarantine? Have you been itching to learn new stuff aside from watching YouTube or Netflix all day? Well, Mercedes-Benz has you covered.

Recently, Mercedes-Benz Museum announced that they are now hosting tours for digital tourists. With 160 vehicles, more than 1,500 exhibits, and 16,500 square meters of space, the museum has more than enough vehicles and timeless classics to sate the curiosity to those that visit.

Take a digital tour of the Mercedes-Benz museum while you

Those interested can simply log on to their website and see all of the cars the museum has on display. From legendary pioneers that kick-started the age of the automobile like the Benz Patent Motor Car to the post-war vehicles where Mercedes-Benz built cars such as the 300 SL Coupe, the Mercedes-Benz museum shows what the brand has done and accomplished through the years. Viewers can read up on the history of each car, or take a look around the exhibits via 360-degree pictures.

Have an Instagram account? The museum also has countless stories to tell about the exhibits. This includes the special exhibition called “40 years of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. There, they can tell interesting facts about the legendary SUV. Viewers can even take a look at a specially-made G-Class that was made in 1980 for the late Pope John Paul II. It has bulletproof glass that allowed the Holy See to see everything outside in a protective vehicle.

Take a digital tour of the Mercedes-Benz museum while you

A web series tour of the museum is available for viewing on the website. There, you can take on a digital tour alongside Jutta Benz, the great-granddaughter of Carl and Bertha Benz. As the last bearer of the Benz name, she serves as the brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz Classic. She even talks about the very first cars that she bought back in the day. These include a mid-1970s 190 D “Fintail”, a Stroke Eight, as well as a W123.

“They were all wonderful saloon cars, and I was out on the road a lot in them. I like driving very much – and prefer to be behind the wheel myself,” said Benz.

Once you're done looking around the museum, visitors can then take a quiz like “Which classic car suits you?” With just a few clicks, users can find out which dream car best suits them. There is even digital reading material that users can access for free via the Mercedes-Benz Magazine app which is available in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Take a digital tour of the Mercedes-Benz museum while you

With the coronavirus still posing a threat against the public's safety, Mercedes-Benz's decision to attract customers to the museum digitally is a smart (and safe) move. Here's to hoping that the Mercedes-Benz Museum will still be able to attract 800,000 physical visitors annually from all over the world once the pandemic dies down.