Perhaps what is considered one of the holy grails of the diehard fan of the Prancing Horse, the Ferrari Museum in their home ground of Maranello holds many of the brand’s iconic cars. Flanked with various artifacts and excerpts that are vital to Ferrari’s rich history, Museo Maranello is a clear-cut look into the famed italian manufacturer’s venture into motorsports; most predominantly in Formula One.

The prospect of visiting the museum would certainly be an enticing one to any car enthusiast, but for enthusiasts such as us from asia there’s a not-so-tiny problem preventing us from doing so: it’s halfway around the world.

Well, thanks to the wonders of the internet we can now get a glimpse of what’s inside the structure of Museo Maranello. With the help of Google Street View, Museo Maranello opens its doors to the virtual public by giving an accessible 360-degree view of what’s inside. For the most part, you will find Ferrari’s prized formula-one vehicles lined up chronologically to document their history in the sport. A quick zoom-in of the walls – given a good internet connection – will allow the text to be displayed in proper readable resolution for your enjoyment as well.

Of course, nothing beats being at the museum in person. But with a quick glimpse of what you’ll find inside, the people from Museo Maranello hope that this will serve as a precursor to your upcoming visit.

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