Check out this Initial D branded motor oil

Takumi Fujiwara is famous for being one the best drivers in Japan, beating nearly everyone in an AE86 Toyota Trueno - at least in the world of Initial D. But aside from racing, he also helps his father deliver tofu every morning up the mountains of Mount Akina. However, it seems Takumi has decided to expand the business from tofu and now has his own line of motor oil.

Takumi Fujiwara now has his own line of motor oil image

We're serious about the motor oil bit, and you can now buy it too. AKT Japan, which produces and sells the aptly named Takumi Motor Oil brand, has partnered with Initial D and released a special edition line of motor oil. It's called the Legends Legacy line, and it will go on sale in Japan starting October 1, 2021. However, the motor oil company has already started accepting pre-orders.

Takumi Fujiwara now has his own line of motor oil image

There are three engine oil viscosities available: 5W-30, 5W-40, and 10W-,40. These are the most commonly used oils in vehicles today, whether it's gasoline, diesel, naturally aspirated, or turbocharged engines.

According to the company, the 5W-30 oil is the most common viscosity and is perfect for everyday use. Meanwhile, the 5W-40 is intended for those who like to go on sporty drives. Lastly, the 10W-40 is for turbocharged cars with a displacement of over 2.0-liters. As for the oil itself, it is made at a factory in Japan that meets ISO certifications and follows API standards.

Takumi Fujiwara now has his own line of motor oil image

What's unique about the Initial D line of oil is the print on the can. Depending on the viscosity chosen, there are different images of Takumi Fujiwara printed. The prints are lifted off the volume covers of the Initial D manga, showing Fujiwara with the AE86 in various poses.

If you happen to be living in Japan, you can pre-order the Initial D-branded Legends Legacy engine oil. The 5W-30 starts at JPY 4,900 (PHP 2,250) for 4 liters and JPY 16,900 (PHP 7,750) for 20 liters, while the 5W-40 retails for JPY 5,300 (PHP 2,430) for 4 liters and JPY 18,300 (PHP 8,400) for 20 liters. The thicker 10W-40 starts at JPY 5,200 (PHP 2,385) for 4 liters and JPY 17,900 (PHP 8,210) for 20 liters.

Expensive, no doubt, but at least you have a collectible oil can.