Tan Chong International Limited (TCIL), the parent company of Motor Image Pilipinas, exclusive distributor of Subaru in the Philippines, revealed plans to distribute Changan vehicles in the Philippines. TCIL, through its subsidiary, TC Changan Limited unveiled the news during the Indonesia International Motorshow, noting Indonesia as the first of five markets the company plans to enter. TC Changan will distribute Chana passenger cars in the Philippines.

Changan Automobile is part of the China South Industries Group Corporation, which has developed and manufactured a wide range of commercial and passenger vehicles, prefabricated houses, military vehicles and weaponry. The company boasts of assets totalling US$10.72 Billion and nearly 50,000 employees in facilities all over China, capable of producing up to 2 million vehicles and 2 million engines annually.

For the Philippines, Tan Chong revealed plans to bring in vehicles like the Eado sedan, Honor MPV and CX20 MPV by 2013. It will be followed by the Raeton SUV in 2014. TC Changan said that Chana vehicles will have their own distinct showrooms, only sharing service facilities with its sister company, Motor Image Pilipinas.

Chana CX20

"We decided we're going to expand not just our Subaru network but work with the Chinese brand Changan and sometime next year bring in their new models as well. With the two brands, we will be expanding our footprint in the Philippines much better. We hope this will show the customer that we're not just a distributor, but that we will be here for a long time," said Glenn Tan, executive director of Tan Chong International Limited.

Chana Honor

"We're very careful in picking our Chinese partner and Changan has a very big size and skill in China. It's probably the only Chinese brand with so many R&D centers worldwide. They spend huge amounts of money in R&D every year. We're very confident they will be the new benchmark for Chinese vehicles in terms of quality. Their aim is to be close to, if not overtake, the Korean brands. We hope to work very closely with them to make the brand a big success."

Tan expressed confidence that the new brand will only strengthen Tan Chong's portfolio of automotive offerings in the country.

"The customers who are looking for an affordable price point who had experience with the Tan Chong group will experience our our service and quality and the way we handle a business. Hopefully in the future, they will look into getting a Subaru as well."

TC Changan will be officially launched in the Philippines in 2013.