The Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) held last weekend yielded many new vehicles – and even more parts and accessories – for this year’s show goers to gaze upon. While the event heavily concentrates on small aftermarket companies and their demo vehicles, manufacturers themselves also come prepared with their own vehicles on display.

Honda Civic Type R rear

With the 2016 Civic Type R having recently been released for sale in Japan, there’s no surprise that this year’s TAS would have several iterations of it on display. Renowned for releasing various high performance parts for a wide array of cars from Honda, Mugen have likewise given the Type R a full set of aesthetic pieces to further add to the car’s aggressive styling.

One prominent piece that has been altered in this concept would be the front bumper, wherein a sizeable lip spoiler has been added flanked with canards on both sides leading to the wheel arch. These black pieces continue onto the sides and rear with a side skirt and rear diffuser, making for a healthy contrast against the Type R’s signature Championship White hue. The factory rear spoiler, while aggressive and towering on its own, has been replaced with a more lightweight and race-oriented GT wing.

Civic Type R Modulo

Besides Mugen, Honda's Modulo division has also given the 2016 Civic Type R a host of cosmetic upgrades as well. Less aggressive than the Mugen kit, it gets bespoke bumpers, a subtle front chin and red highlights throughout the exterior.

All these pieces give the new Civic Type R another notch up on its already-aggressive profile. And while this is but a concept from Honda’s performance arm, these parts may soon be join the factory option catalog for the Type R soon.