After setting a world record jump last year at the Indianaplois 500 last year, Hot Wheels is at it again. On June 30th, Team Hot Wheels will make history once again and attempt the biggest double loop ever built, live at the X Games. This massive double loop measuring 60’ wide, 66’ long and 66’ tall will make the drivers feel a G-force of up to 7g! This six-story high loop together with the two lanes that leads to the starting and the landing ramp measures to a total of 700ft, or a little more than two football fields.

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels prepared their 2,500 pound “Super Blitzen” rally coupe with a turbo-charged, 375 HP engine to power through this six-story double vertical loop.

Tune in to ABC/ESPN on June 30th at 11:20 AM PT to watch Team Hot Wheels attempt the world's largest double loop vertical challenge!

Watch the teaser video below: