Nissan Motor Philippines, Inc. (NMPI) redefines the meaning of luxury sedan with the formal introduction of its newest salvo, the Nissan Teana. Priced initially to compete head on with luxury vehicles of its size and displacement, the Teana will be made available in two variants, the 230 JM and the 230 JK.

Teana comes from a native American word meaning "dawn", as it represents the dawn of an all-new luxury sedan. Built on the pillars of real world technology, modern design and impeccable quality, the Teana gives a fresh new meaning to elegance.

Setting the standards for innovation, the Teana luxury sedan began the series of products that features distinctive and high-quality interiors. The Modern Living Concept which stresses advanced thinking in cabin design was first introduced with the Teana. Nissan has adopted and extended the concept in succeeding products including the Tiida compact, the Fuga (known elsewhere as the Infiniti M) luxury sedan and the Bluebird Sylphy compact sedan. Traditional Japanese interior architecture focuses on carefully balanced line and surfaces, the use of natural materials and the elimination of excessive decoration. Nissan's modern living concept builds on this tradition and Japanese DNA. The harmony of it all creates relaxed mobile spaces as comfortable as any other living space while supporting the pleasure of driving.

Elegant interior and stylish body proportions

In keeping with the times, Nissan began placing emphasis on interior designs as the company recognizes that the automobile has become a key living space where people spend a great part of their day in. The Teana's most salient feature is its elegant interior reminiscent of a modern living room. The cabin breathes of opulence embracing occupants in a relaxing almost Zen-like riding comfort. The seats call to mind warm images of a cozy recliner as the instrument panel highlighted by the bold-use of wood-grain trim resembles a furnished piece of high-class furniture. The luxury grade 230JM comes complete with sunroof, remotely controlled rear power sunshade and a 6-disc CD changer to add that extra touch of lavishness.

The Teana interior features full automatic climate control air-conditioner with dual –zone temperature controls and rear passenger air-con vent. The dial-type air conditioner control allows easy, intuitive setting of desired cabin temperature. The adoption of the FF-L (Front engine, Front-wheel drive platform, Large) platform provides spacious comfort for both the driver and the passenger, including one of the best-in-class knee room. The 230JM features power front-passenger seat coupled with memory seat for the driver's side. When the engine is turned off the driver's seat slides 40mm backwards allowing easier ingress and egress.

The beautifully balanced exterior creates a distinct sense of dynamism while hinting at the exceptional roominess and comfort found inside. Its styling pursues a superior level of perceived quality, with the entire body giving the impression of being a solid mass.

Power and Safety within

Under the hood the Teana's VQ23DE engine has been developed with meticulous care paid to its torque output in the practical speed of everyday driving. The V configuration, 24 valve, 6 cylinder engine delivers exceptional driving performance giving enough power and torque to propel the large sedan to a high yet comfortable and solid driving speed. This engine is shared with the 350Z, the Murano and even the U.S. market Maxima and the Infiniti line of vehicles. The independent multi-link with stabilizer bar rear suspension delivers superb handling and stability. Despite being a large sedan the Teana is remarkably easy to drive with its minimum turning radius of 5.3m and hood design that readily enables the driver to see the outer edges of the car.

Sharing the heritage of the award winning VQ engine family, the Teana's VQ23DE 6 cylinder engine can deliver power of 173 PS at 6,000 rpm and torque of 22.9 kg-m at 4,400 rpm. This is a very satisfying power band, which is very competitive versus the other Japanese luxury sedans in the market.

The comfort of driving is backed up by Nissan's "Triple Safety" initiative. The Information safety through the Xenon headlights, Human Machine interface that shows real-time information about fuel consumption, distance traveled and temperature warning indicator. The Control safety through the Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Brake Assist (BA) and Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) System. And the Impact safety through active head restraints, double pre-tensioner seat belt system and SRS curtain and side airbags. For the luxury 230JM the HMI monitor also displays the back view reversing camera for the safety of reversing the vehicle.

Elegant, stylish, powerful and luxurious, the Teana offers a true regal driving experience. "With the success of the Murano in the luxury car segment, we are confident the Teana will follow this lead and carve a niche for itself in the M-class (luxury) segment," says Leman Lee, President and CEO of NMPI. The two variants of the Teana include the 230JM and the 230JK. NMPI has started its premium sales campaign for the Teana and those with an eye for quality and sophistication have certainly taken noticed.