Chevron Philippines Inc. (formerly Caltex Philippines) announced recently that Chevron's exclusive fuel-cleaning ingredient Techron® is now available in all grades of gasoline at Caltex service stations nationwide. This specially formulated ingredient helps prevent a car's vital engine parts from building up deposits, which can adversely affect vehicle performance, increase emissions and result in a car consuming more gasoline, thus driving up vehicle maintenance costs.

From March 22, 2006 onwards, Caltex with Techron® will be launched in all Asia Pacific countries where Chevron Corporation subsidiary companies operate, continuing the company's campaign to introduce Techron® to its markets around the globe. The new gasoline, with the exclusive and patented Techron® ingredient, is a result of more than 25 years of continuous research and improvement by the global energy company Chevron Corporation and its subsidiaries, which market gasoline under the Caltex brand in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. "We invested Php375 million for the rollout of the Techron® ingredient and gasolines, along with the necessary infrastructures, "said Randy Johnson, Chevron Philippines Inc. country chairman.

Chevron Philippines claims that the most unique selling point of Techron® is its ability to clean an engine's vital parts, such as the fuel injectors and intake valves. In fact, the petroleum company added that even one tankful of Caltex with Techron® or the ongoing use of Techron® can minimize harmful combustion chamber deposits (which can lead to knocking) and results in higher emissions and loss of power during acceleration. This means that constant use of Caltex with Techron® does the following: 1) Restores lost power and acceleration; 2) Improves fuel economy; 3) Reduces exhaust emissions; 4) Delivers smooth performance; and 5) Enhances engine reliability.

This can be achieved thanks to the presence of demulsifiers which minimize rust and corrosion, thus prolonging the life of your engine. Techron® also has a significant amount of O2, which breaks down more easily during combustion. "Caltex gasoline mixed with the Techron® cleaning ingredient is unbeatable at protecting car engines from the effects of performance-robbing deposits, helping ensure it delivers optimum power, economy, pick-up and a smoother ride. Our customers will know when they see the 'with Techron®' logo at Caltex stations that they are receiving high-quality gasoline. It's just like brushing and flossing your teeth everyday. You keep the plaque, or in this case, the deposits away when you use Caltex with Techron®," said Roger J. Organ, manager for Chevron's Product Engineering, Regulations and Technology (PERT) team for the Asia-Pacific region, Africa and Pakistan.

If one still has doubts about the aforementioned gasoline, Chevron claims that they have done extensive testing prior to its release. In a media-only press conference, Chevron stated that they partnered with the San Diego (California, USA) Taxi Company in order to test automotive performance in real world, primarily urban conditions. This test logged over 130 million kilometers (with three San Diego Taxi Company Toyota Camry four-cylinder 2.2L taxicabs as test mules) in order to determine the feasibility of Techron®. And to bolster the claims of Techron® even further, Chevron Philippines claimed that several European and US-based manufacturers use Techron® as its preferred gasoline for emissions testing. "Techron® is recognized as a 'top tier detergent gasoline', the highest grade of gasoline rated by mass-volume automobile manufacturers such as BMW, GM, Toyota and Honda," added Mr. Organ.

But service does not stop at the pump. Chevron is investing Php 375 million for product rollout and infrastructure upgrade for better service, "At Chevron, our ultimate aim is to help make life easier for drivers. That is why in addition to introducing Caltex with Techron®, the company is differentiating itself in other ways. Caltex's Clean Offer, rolled out in 2005, means when customers come into Caltex stations they benefit from a bright, warm environment – featuring clean forecourts, Star Mart convenience stores and toilets – and receive warm, friendly and helpful service. You will also see better injection systems and fuel pumps at all of our facilities," said Randy Johnson, Chevron Philippines Inc. country chairman.