From the crazy rocket-assisted Roadster, Tesla CEO Elon Musk sure has a lot of ideas with regards to upcoming vehicles. Recently, he went on Twitter once again to crowdsource ideas for an upcoming electric pick-up truck to join the line up of the Model S, Model X, Model 3 and the upcoming Roadster.

As of writing, there are currently no official renders of the Tesla pick-up just yet. Instead, the main photo above is a photo of the Tesla Semi albeit in pick up truck version shown previously by Musk. That said, expect it to be much similar to other pick up trucks on the road, rather than something that would be classified as a truck.

Details are still scarce at the moment, but Musk did say on Twitter that the upcoming electric pick-up truck will have a dual motor all-wheel drive and produce 'crazy torque'. He also added that it will have a self-adjusting suspension which will be a standard feature. Tesla's pickup will be capable of seating six and have a range of 644 km to 800 km.

Apart from being a conventional pick-up truck, Musk wants the Tesla pick-up to act as a mobile power station. It will supposedly have power outlets that allow for the use of heavy duty 240V tools in the field without needing a generator. As for the rest, we are left to speculate what else will come with the Tesla pick-up.

While the idea does appear far off, nothing seems to be impossible for Elon Musk. He is planning to add rockets to the upcoming Roadster after all, and possibly even make it fly. Only time will tell when the electric Tesla pick-up truck will make its debut.