After an accident involving their electric car accelerating straight into a gym, a Tesla Model S owner is at heads with the company regarding the true cause of the crash.

The crash itself occurred sometime August in Lighthouse Point, Florida. Following the video provided, the Model S in question was pulling up to park in front of the gym when things took a turn for the worse. The vehicle then accelerated into the gym itself, smashing through the windows up front and eventually ending up into the side wall. The driver, the owner’s wife, was not injured in the crash.

Following the crash, the owner claimed that the vehicle accelerated on its own. Tesla on the other hand, says it was able to review the vehicle’s logs remotely and concluded that the accelerator pedal had been pressed. The owner then took to a Tesla forum to rant about the company’s conclusion:

“I am amazed and wildly disappointed by the way Tesla has handled this and their complete unwillingness to even talk to me about it,” the owner wrote. “Of course, they immediately blamed it on the driver and claimed their online computer tells them that.” While the owner conceded that driver error might have caused the crash, he adds, “We do not feel that is what has occurred and wanted to have it looked further into.”

A similar incident involving the newer Model X occurred in California last June, with Tesla drawing the same conclusion after the driver claimed the car accelerated on its own.