Tesla has unveiled the company’s first electric SUV, the Model X, and it has certainly electrified the automotive market.

The Tesla Model X comes in two trims, the P90D (the P stands for Performance) and the 90D.

rear quarter

Both come with Falcon Wing rear doors with built in sensors that automatically adjust depending on available space, maps and a navigation system, parking sensors with blind spot warning and side collision avoidance and automatic emergency braking to assist in avoiding collisions.

The difference comes from their performance.

With a range of 413 kilometers, the P90D's all-wheel drive system will take you much further but it is not more capable than its more powerful sibling. The front and rear motors both put out 262 PS and will take the Model X to 100kph in 4.8 seconds.

The P90D’s range is shorter at just 402 kilometers but with a rear motor that puts out 509 PS (the front also does 262 PS), 100 kilometers is only 3.8 seconds away. If you want to shave off a few tenths from that, drop $10,000 for a Ludicrous Speed Upgrade (yes, that’s what Tesla calls it) an 100 kms will only be 3.2 seconds away.

All that power also translates to hauling capability as the Model X boasts of Class 3 towing capacity, which means it can pull 5,000 pounds.

Inside the Model X

Second row seats come with Tesla's 'monopost' design which gives each seat its own chrome-plated means. This means that each seat is forward and backward adjustable in order to provide the ultimate comfort for rear passengers.

Inside, the Model X works with a white motif and uses a 17-inch touchscreen to handle the 560 watts and 17 speakers audio system. It also comes with maps and a navigation system.

Price starts at $132,000 for the Model X 90D and goes up to $142,000 for the P90D.

rear quarter

Six customers with prior reservations were handed keys during the launch but everyone else will have to wait until late 2016 for deliveries of their Tesla Model X.

“The mission of Tesla is to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport. It’s important to know that any kind of car can go electric,” said Tesla CEO Elon Musk.