Telsa Inc., formerly Tesla Motors, had originally changed its website from “” to “” back in July of 2016. Now, they have dropped the “Motors” and has officially changed its name to “Tesla Inc”as seen in a recent filling at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The rebranding decision made by Tesla Inc. is due to the manufacturer planning to sell other products, such as solar roofs and Powerwall 2 batteries, besides electric vehicles. Rather than using the SolarCity brand to sell other products, Tesla has decided to sell it under one brand.

With Tesla selling solar roof and Powerwall 2 batteries along with their electric vehicles, it would not be fitting to use “Tesla Motors” as the company name anymore.

Much like Apple Inc.'s change from Apple Computer a decade ago, Tesla move to change its name reflects the company's plan to offer a broader array of products in the future.