Tesla Motors to release Model X-based minibus

Tesla Motors to release Model X-based minibus image

/ Tesla | August 01, 2016 14:44

CEO Elon Musk confirms upcoming minibus rumor in Twitter

Tesla Motors will soon have a people carrier after Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors, confirmed it over Twitter.

Musk revealed in "Master Plan Part Deuz" that they will be releasing “a heavy-duty truck and high passenger-density urban transport” vehicle in addition to its two cars, namely the Model S and Model X.

Again, over Twitter, Tesla's CEO confirmed much of the speculation that arose after his announcement after he tweeted “The Tesla Minibus will be built on a Model X chassis”.

He also stated in the same master plan that the design of the electric minibus will accommodate strollers, bikes, and wheelchairs. To do this, included in their plan is to eliminate the center aisle and put more seats in place of the present entryway.

Tesla has yet to confirm whether this minibus will be sold as a consumer or commercial vehicle. Pundits have speculated that the upcoming minibus will be available as both.