The battle of electric-powered SUVs is in full swing, and today, Tesla hit the ground running. With their introduction of the Model Y, Elon Musk and Tesla are looking to bring yet another (and with it, more) model(s) to the masses. Boasting of impressive range, AWD, and large cargo space, this electric SUV brings significant numbers into the fray.

According to Tesla, 4 variants of the Model Y will be available. Albeit based heavily on the Model 3, the Y is markedly bigger, provides 3 rows of seats, and room enough for 7 passengers. Tesla means to capitalize on the rise of SUV ownership and according to Musk himself, “We’ll probably do more Y than S, X, and 3 (sales) combined.” 

Top speed and range highlight unveiling of Tesla Model Y image

The price of Model Y ranges from $39,000 (approximately PhP2.07M) to $60,000 (approximately PhP3.164M). Today’s unveiling saw the Long Range variant ($47,000) in the spotlight. The said variant claims a top speed of 209km/h and a range of up to 483km, and will be available late 2020. The 2nd and 3rd variants sporting the same long-range batteries, the Dual Motor AWD ($51,000) and Performance ($60,000) variants are pinned on the same release time frame as well, although their declared range is outshined by the Long Range variant by about 20 miles (approximately 32km).

The 4th variant in the lineup, the Standard Range Model Y, isn’t slated for release until early 2021, though. Being the one that can travel with the least range (approximately 370km) and being the slowest as well (approximately 193km/h), this variant has a tag of $39,000, which also makes it the cheapest in the line.

Top speed and range highlight unveiling of Tesla Model Y image

Quite contrary to Elon Musk’s statement though, is the fact that the entry-level and most affordable variant, the above-mentioned Standard Range, will be the last to be made available. Given that the Model Y is supposed to blaze the way for Tesla into a wider market, the strategy of introducing and making the more expensive variants available earlier may be quite strange, indeed.

Further highlights of the Model Y are its high-end infotainment system, its all-glass roof, Tesla Autopilot, and its impressive 65 cubic feet of cargo space which expands depending on the seats’ configuration.

Will Tesla’s new mid-size SUV be enough to pull their brand back up? If Elon Musk stops being the embattled figure that he is, and if their luck holds out, maybe the Model Y could pull it off.