Are you one of those people who leave your dog in the car? To be honest, you really shouldn’t leave them in the car as they could easily die of heat exhaustion, especially with summer coming up. 

In order to protect the dogs of their customers from heat exhaustion should they be left in the car, Tesla has rolled out a new update called Dog Mode for all Model S, Model X and Model 3 cars equipped with Autopilot 2+ hardware. No, it won’t let your dog pilot your Tesla down the highway as cool as that may sound. Instead, Dog Mode simply keeps the air-conditioning running at a comfortable temperature while you go out for a quick errand.

Aside from keeping the cabin cool, Dog Mode will also display the temperature in the car on the large touchscreen so that passersby will know that the puppers inside are safe and sound. It can even leave a note on the screen saying that ‘My owner will be back soon’. 

That said, Tesla says that owners should still be conscious of local laws regarding pets inside the vehicle. If it is illegal to leave a dog in your car unattended, it will continue to be illegal regardless of them being inside a Tesla or not.

Aside from the new Dog Mode, it comes along side other Tesla software updates as well. The first of which is Sentry Mode, which uses sensors to detect and alert owners should there be any potential threat to your parked car. Alongside sentry mode is a dashcam update. The update now allows video to be recorded and stored from the side cameras in addition to the front facing camera.

On a more serious note, don’t leave your dogs in the car unattended especially if you're not in a Tesla (with Dog Mode). It’s just not cool.