Ever wanted to play classic Atari videogames right from your vehicle's infotainment screen? Well, it seems like Tesla has you covered. The electric vehicle maker could soon be rolling an update that lets you play some retro videogames right from the Tesla infotainment screens found in the Model S, X and 3. Furthermore, the update is also said to come with a 'party and camper mode' which allows one to use select features for up to 48 hours when parked.

But first, the video games. News of the retro videogames update came from Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself. Taking to Twitter, he said that some of the best Atari games will be coming as 'Easter Eggs' in the Tesla V 9.0 release which will happen in around 4 weeks. The company has previously put Easter Eggs in the infotainment system in form of Mario Kart's Rainbow Road and their Santa Mode.

Tesla to add classic Atari games in latest software update

Some of the games Musk plans to include in the coming update includes Pole Position, Tempest and Missile Command – three classic Atari video games. That said, Musk hopes to have Pole Position linked to the actual steering wheel (while the car is parked, obviously). Here's to hoping other retro videogames may find its way into the update as well.

As for the 'party and camper mode', it was first announced by a separate Tweet made by Musk. The new mode allows one to technically turn your Tesla into a camp. Thanks to the vehicle's batteries, the car will be able to maintain aif flow, temperature, selective lighting and the infotainment system for 48 hours or more when parked.

Other improvements to come with the V 9.0 update include an improved Autopilot semi-autonomous functionality.