After a lengthy legal battle between Ford and disgruntled owners, the Thai courts have ordered the company to compensate customers for faulty Powershift transmission units. As a result, nearly 300 owners of Ford Powershift-equipped vehicles will be getting payment from the manufacturer.

All in all, Ford will be forking out about $720,000 (or approximately $39,078,360 at current exchange rates) to settle with Thai owners. The plaintiffs in the class action suit will, at the very least, get $800 (approx. Php 43,420) although some may get as much as $8,000 (approx. Php 434,304). The amount will depend on how many times the vehicle went in the dealership for service and repairs. Certain Ford models are effected by the problem, namely the Fiesta, Focus (TDCI variants and 2012-2015 models) and EcoSport, which are equipped with the DPS6 dual-clutch transmission.

"We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the Powershift transmission problems and we reiterate that we will work earnestly to take responsibility for fixing them according to our customer service procedures," said the company in a statement. Prior to the settlement in Thailand, Ford was also hit by a court order in Australia with fine of AUD 10,000,000 (approx. Php 394,351,748) for mishandling repairs and refunds.

While it seems like the Powershift saga has come to an end in Thailand, it's not quite finished yet. Some of the plaintiffs, understandably upset with Ford Thailand, are demanding that they buy back the cars from them. They are also seeking $18.5 million in damages (over Php 1 billion).

Ford Philippines meanwhile is also handling the Powershift issue. Bertrand Lessard, Managing Director of Ford Philippines, said that, “It's on us, so we'll fix it and move on”.