At the 2015 Thailand International Motor Expo, came upon a concept car that was unlike any other.

The design was inspired by Koenigsegg and was penned by Jennarong Muengtaweepongsa (Vanatical Design), an independent 15-year old designer from Thailand.

The new concept was described as a design study and an evolution of all the exterior elements used in the earlier Koenigsegg Legera concept. In addition, the Utagera concept is also Vanatical Design's interpretation of an Agera successor.

Translated from Swedish to mean 'Terminate', the car presented during the auto show was a scale model and was presented at the 'Meet The Masters' exhibit by Muengtaweepongsa.

The Koenigsegg Utagera design study

Aesthetically, the Utagera follows the design language of previous Koenigsegg cars though Vanatical Design was able to incorporate his own styling elements. Sleek-looking it may be, Muengtaweepongsa claimed he made the Utagera look more tamed and less extreme compared to the Regera. The scale model itself was manufactured by N2A Motors, the same company that is renowned for building the Rezvani Beast and Trion Nemesis.

As for its powertrain, he envisions that it will be driven by a turbocharged V8 that is similar to the Agera. Exact output rating is estimated to be around 900 – 1000 PS.

The Koenigsegg Utagera Concept is Muengtaweepongsa's first design to be shown physically at an auto show, taking a period of 3 months to design and perfect.