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The 12th Michelin Challenge Bibendum


Fostering a better life through sustainable mobility

The 12th Michelin Challenge Bibendum, an innovative “think & action tank” promoting clean, safe, connected, accessible, and affordable mobility, will be held in Chengdu, China from 11th to 15th this November.

The five-day event will take place at the Chengdu International Intangible Culture Heritage Exposition Park.

With the theme of “Innovation in Mobility at the Heart of Growth & Urban Well-being,” the world summit will bring together users, providers, and decision-makers to make a difference in sustainable mobility.


“The Michelin Challenge Bibendum aims to develop a shared vision of tomorrow’s sustainable mobility. We strongly believe that, in addition to creating new business opportunities, sustainable mobility will benefit both individuals and society as a whole.”  said Mr. Patrick Oliva, Senior Vice President, Strategic Anticipation and Sustainable Development, Michelin Group and Chairman of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum.

Initiated by Michelin in 1998, the Michelin Challenge Bidendum is the an event that brings together all transportation stakeholders, including users, manufacturers, suppliers, public and private operators, universities, energy suppliers, research institutes, political leaders, and NGOs to discuss the issues involved in the challenges of sustainable mobility.

The Michelin Challenge Bibendum has also evolved into a fully-fledged “world lab of tomorrow’s mobility,” featuring an original format widely hailed by participants.

In 2014, the Michelin Challenge Bibendum will deliver tangible and deployable solutions to policy-makers in targeted areas including, “Winning Technologies,” “Targeted Public Policies,” “New Economic Tools,” “Innovative Eco-systems”, etc.

With the high development potential of multi-modal mobility, the Michelin Challenge Bibendum has also expanded its focus this year to become a “think & action tank” supporting sustainable mobility.

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