Universal Motors Corporation (UMC) today announced the introduction of its newest breed of Nissan pickup truck the all-new Nissan Frontier Navara.

True to the Nissan pickup truck's long-standing history as the champion of reliability, the Navara has the strength and power to take you and your cargo wherever your imagination leads you. Tough on the outside with its imposing exterior design, yet inside, it pampers both driver and passengers alike with SUV-like comforts.

Continuing the legacy of Nissan Frontier as the foremost innovator in its class, Navara is poised to set new levels of innovation in the pickup market with another breed of "firsts" to unveil.

The incomparable performance of YD25DDTi Common-rail Turbo Intercooler diesel engine, delivers an industry-leading 174 hp and maximum torque of 403 Nm. The pickup features electronic-controlled 4WD system with Limited Slip Differential (LSD) providing "Shift-on-the-Fly" 4WD function. It enables one to shift between 2WD and 4WD with the use of a dial even without stopping.

The Frontier Navara is also the first pickup truck to feature a six-speed manual transmission in addition to the available five-speed automatic gearbox. Both can be mated to the powerful 2nd generation common-rail system.

Navara's 8-cross members, is an additional unique hallmark that competitors have yet to match. It provides the superior stability for exceptional riding comfort and handling with longer wheelbase without compromising the toughness expected from every pickup truck. Durability is ensured for the long haul with the sturdier chassis frame and reinforced body panels.

With safety in mind, the Navara is always prepared for the unexpected. Its front and rear crumple zones are designed to absorb energy in a crash, helping to protect the reinforced central zone and its occupants. Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) balances the braking effort between the front and the back of the Navara for maximum braking efficiency. At the same time, Anti-Brake Locking System (ABS) prevents the wheels locking, keeping you in control of the vehicle.

The all-new Nissan Frontier Navara delivers a compelling combination of powerful performance, bold styling and new levels of innovation to the pickup market with the most innovative features designed to enhance its flexible utility whether for work or family use.

"The all-new Nissan Frontier Navara delivers a compelling combination of powerful performance, bold styling and new levels of innovation with a number of 'FIRSTS' to be introduced in the pickup segment," said Ms. Elizabeth H. Lee.

"With the soon to arrive all new, all powerful, and commanding Nissan Frontier Navara, we are confident we can regain the seat we once had," added Ms. Lee.

The Nissan Frontier Navara will be available for preview at the 1st Philippine International Motorshow from August 9-12, 2007 as organized by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI). Visit our Nissan booth at the World Trade Center.