Given the chance of having a driver or driving yourself in traffic hell that is Metro Manila, what would you choose? Should you be fortunate enough to have the former option, it's safe to say that most would likely choose that. With hour long traffic jams such as on EDSA, C-5, and Roxas Boulevard, and more so during rush hour, it makes driving in the metropolis a chore. Besides, who would want to waste gas sitting in standstill traffic after a long day's work.

All that, however, doesn't seem to faze United States Ambassador Sung Kim.

The U.S. Ambassador recently announced that he has picked up a Philippine driver's license, and has even thanked the Land Transportation Office (LTO) for their assistance. Often, an Ambassador and other high ranking diplomats are chauffeured around for their comfort as well as for security reasons. It is odd to think that we could see the U.S. Ambassador Sung Kim driving around on his own in Metro Manila albeit likely having backup security.

For those wondering, it is unlikely we will know what he will (or would) drive. But, we can probably guess that it is made is the U.S.A., he being the U.S. Ambassador and all. The U.S. Embassy does have a fleet of cars available such as a Chevrolet Impala, among others, but given that he is the Amabassador, he is likely to roll in something a more luxurious like a Cadillac Escalade.

While the Metro Manila is known for having really bad traffic, by simply going outside of the National Capital Region (NCR), one can find a number of great driving roads and combined with places to go to – most of which are free from traffic. Perhaps he wants to explore some of the nice driving roads in the country while he's assigned here. And he does have diplomatic immunity If he gets any tickets.

Still, props to Ambassador Sung Kim for his willingness to drive in the country.