The road to freedom is still long and bumpy for former Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi chairman Carlos Ghosn.

Ghosn has been indicted on a new set of charges yet again, this time for aggravated breach of trust filed by Nissan Motor Co. Specifically, he is accused of transferring money from Nissan to his personal accounts for personal gain.

This marks the fourth set of formal charges made by Japanese prosecutors against the former Nissan-Renault chairman ever since he was first indicted against financial misconduct back in November 2018. The new charges also come on the day that Ghosn’s detention period in Tokyo was set to expire.

In response to the new charges, Ghosn’s lawyers have already filed a request for his release on bail. However, there is no mention yet as to whether these new charges are bailable or not. With the new charges filed against him, Ghosn is expected to remain in detention in Japan unless his request for bail is granted.

According to a statement released by Nissan, the charges come after the company determined that ‘payments made by Nissan to an overseas vehicle sales company via a subsidiary were in fact directed by Ghosn for his personal enrichment and were not necessary from a business standpoint’. 

‘Such misconduct is completely unacceptable, and Nissan is requesting appropriately strict penalties,’ said the company.

Since he was arrested in November, Ghosn claims that he is innocent of all financial misconduct charges made against him. He was previously released last March after posting a 1 billion Yen (USD 9 million) bail but under strict conditions such as not leaving the country, living under surveillance, and limited computer and internet usage. However, he was arrested yet again on April 4 and has been in detention ever since. Ghosn has previously accused that his arrest and subsequent ousting was plotted by some Nissan executives who did not want further integration with Renault in the Alliance.

Source: Bloomberg, AFP