August 31, 2017 proved to be a sad day for both Viper fans and motoring enthusiasts alike as it saw Dodge SRT shut down the Conner assembly plant for good. With low sales and new US safety regulations in play, the fifth-generation Viper was not long for this world.

But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the guys over at Dodge and SRT are looking to revive the Viper once more. But it won't be exactly like its predecessors which came with a stonking HEMI V10.

The Dodge Viper will rise again and may come with a 550 PS V8

According to Car & Driver, the next-generation Viper will come with an all-aluminum V8 powerplant. Beside having two less cylinders, the new engine could come with a host of modern technologies that will allow it to produce 550 PS and beyond. A supercharged version may also be released and could be available on high-performance models such as the ACR.

As for its transmission, sorry automatic fans but Dodge SRT is keen on preserving the Viper's manual-only tradition. Like its past iterations, a six-speed gearbox could be the sole transmisson option for the next-gen Viper.

As for the body and chassis of the new Viper, the company could make extensive use of carbon fiber and aluminum to keep the weight down while also making it more durable and rigid. In addition, it will utilize a new space-frame design with front and rear independent suspension for better handling and cornering. Body styles will include a convertible and a coupe which could be offered at a later date.

The Dodge Viper will rise again and may come with a 550 PS V8

But where will the automaker build the all-new Viper? Since the old Conner assembly plant is being turned into a Viper museum and functions center, Dodge SRT may need to have outside help in making the sixth-generation Viper. They could also build an entirely-new factory but that could jack up the price of the sixth-gen Viper.

With the company still in the development phase in making the sixth-gen Viper, a world debut of the all-new roadster may likely happen some time in 2020 or 2021. But with 2019 serving as the 30th anniversary of the Viper, the automaker may come up with something special to appease the fans. For now, we'll just have to wait and see.