The European Mobile Media Association (EMMA) was initially founded to create a level playing field for sound quality competitions in Europe and to unify the different rulebooks that are used all over continental Europe. Soon after, EMMA International formed to be responsible for conducting and supervising organized international head judge training, consolidating the standardized rulebook and competition CD sound materials. Its website gives access to important information about the sound quality competitions for countries who want to be certified and affiliated under EMMA.

EMMA´s primary goal is to provide rules and guidelines that will be used as continuing efforts to promote the auto sound industry. 
Furthermore, EMMA encourages both competitors and installers to extend their knowledge about the equipment they are using. This will then result in a better quality standard for the installations and ensures the equipment will perform to its optimum.

For sound quality competition, the challenge is to build an audio or multimedia system that will overcome the problems of vehicle acoustics, reproducing music without noise, distortion and to make the music sound like the "original" - also the installation quality will be evaluated. Another category, called the ESPL (European Sound Pressure League), is a competition to reproduce high sound Pressure levels in specially designed cars with quality installations. 

The first female EMMA certified judge in Asia

EMMA Philippines was founded by Mickey Tang and along with EMMA European trainer Glen Saitowitz From Switzerland, has been conducting clinics and workshops training prospective EMMA competition judges. Among their recruits was Michelle Yeo Yu, an amateur drifting competitor and perhaps the country's leading female drift competitor. With a successful certification, Yu became the first and only female certified EMMA judge in Asia. She will be part of judging panels in the first EMMA competition to be kicked off in Manila International Auto Show 2008. Since Emma has affiliations in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand and Indonesia, Yu is expected to participate in judging EMMA sanctioned events in these countries.