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The Evo will make a comeback with the Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept


Mitsubishi previews an Evolution concept car for the electric age

The Evolution will be back. Sort of.

A month ago, our editor-in-chief received information that Mitsubishi will be revealing a concept during this year's Tokyo Motor Show. After a little over a month of speculation as to what it will be, the Japanese automaker has announced that it will be the e-Evolution concept.

Aside from the announcement, there isn't a lot of details to go on at this point. Mitsubishi did say the the e-Evolution is a 'very high performance' crossover with all-wheel drive, an electric powertrain and advanced artificial intelligence.


From Mitsubishi's statement, it is likely that the e-Evolution Concept is sportier and more potent version the Eclipse Cross. That said, we might not see an all-new Lancer, the car most synonymous the with Evolution tag, for a long time. Possibly cementing that is Mitsubishi's commitment towards shifting to crossovers. However, it will not be the first time the brand will be giving an SUV an Evolution name as they did in the past with the Pajero Evolution.

In the teaser photo, we see a rakish rear-end treatment with aerodynamic aids integrated on the roof, plus a bumper diffuser. Mitsubishi calls it a crossover coupe and might end up seeing something similar to a BMW X4 or Mercedes Benz GLC Coupe. Furthermore, the concept has Y-shaped LED tail lights and is complemented by hexagonal shapes behind the light signature. A closer look at the car also reveals four doors and a relatively high ground clearance.

As mentioned, it is powered by an electric powertrain but Mitsubishi did not say if it is a plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) or a pure electric vehicle (EV). As for production plans, it is possible that Mitsubishi may make an announcement during its reveal at the upcoming 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show will start on October 25 and end on November 5.

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