Tuning firm beats Porsche on building the first ever 911 hybrid

We’ve long heard rumors and reports that Porsche is building a hybrid-assisted 911. However, we will still have to wait until the next-generation model, the 992, makes a debut before we it ever sees light. But what if you wanted one now? Well, aftermarket tuner Vonnen has got you covered, and could turn your 911 into a hybrid. 

Vonnen’s 911 hybrid system works with a battery mounted at the front and an electric motor fitted onto the engine. To be specific, the motor fits in place of the flywheel, which helps turn the crankshaft when needed. Meanwhile, there’s an inverter at the rear to convert the battery power to something the motor can use. With more heat generated from the hybrid system, there are two additional cooling systems in addition to the 911’s standard water-cooled system. A separate computer then ensures the hybrid system runs smoothly with the engine.

What’s unique about this conversion is that no exterior modification of the body is needed to make the system fit, preserving the 911’s original design. More so, the hybrid system adds an additional 175 PS and 200 Nm of torque on top of the 911’s power whether it’s a Carrera or a Turbo S. A more powerful stage two setup is currently being planned, and is expected to produce almost double the output.

The first hybrid 911 is here, and it's not made by Porsche

All in all, Vonnen’s hybrid system only adds 54.4 kg to the vehicle’s overall weight. This is because the flywheel and starter has been ditched in favor of an electric motor, which now handles both of those duties. The original battery has also been ditched with the car using the new battery module.

Unlike a some hybrid systems however, the Vonnen 911 hybrid can’t run on electric power alone. Instead, the hybrid system only helps boost performance. That said, it is still uncertain how Porsche’s upcoming 911 hybrid would be like. With previous reports mentioning it being a plug-in hybrid, it is possible that Porsche’s 911 hybrid will be more like a traditional hybrid and can run on electric power alone. Vonnen's system aims to help boost performance, similar to the Kinetic Energy Recovery System or KERS in Formula 1 racers.

Vonnen’s hybrid kit is compatible for any 911 model built from 2012 to 2016 and starts at $ 75,000 (Php 4 million).  More so, you can even have it fitted on the Boxter and Cayman as well. Kits for other model 911’s including air-cooled models are currently in development as well.