When Ford announced that the name Bronco will return in 2020, there was speculation that it will likely be a rebadged, re-engineered Everest. Now, Ford has debunked those rumors that it will be the popular PPV with their first teaser showing its shape. In fact, it appears far from being one.

The preview shows the SUV sporting a short body and a boxy profile. It even has the old tailgate mounted spare tire from its classic counterpart. Will it be a modern rendition of the 1960's classic instead? Upon initial inspection, that appears to be the case. Ford first revealed a Bronco concept in 2004 which saw retro-futuristic styling (pictured below). It is possible that this model may be the follow up to that. Ford last used the Bronco name in 1996 and was eventually replaced by the larger, five-door Expedition.

For now, details surrounding the 2020 Bronco are scarce. Given that the Bronco will be built alongside the Ranger in Michigan, it is possible that it will ride on a modified version of the said pickup's frame. Ford did say last year that the Bronco will be a 'body on frame SUV' to be positioned below the Expedition. With that Ford also announced that the all-new Bronco will have an even smaller counterpart, which has yet to be named.

The next-generation Ford Bronco will likely make its first appearance during the 2018 New York Auto Show in two weeks time.