High-speed cars, dusty racetracks, local celebrities, and a whole line of exciting matches were the order of the day as Ford Group Philippines headlined "Fast cars & stars," a test drive event on both road and rally track, organized in partnership with Tuason Racing School.

At the center of the high-octane event is the new Ford Focus 2.0-liter Duratorq TDCi Sport, an aspirational vehicle set to dominate its class with its best-in-class acceleration, as well as power like no other, drivability and best-in-class fuel economy. Local celebrities and the media put the pedal on the metal as they showed off their driving skills around a WRC-inspired racetrack at Fort Bonifacio Global City.

"We're very thrilled to give our celebrity and media friends a chance to experience the excitement and glamour of this prestigious motor sports activity," said Ford Group Philippines President Rick Baker. "It even gets more exciting, as the Ford Focus, which has consistently been synonymous to action-packed racing, now comes with a diesel engine that makes the vehicle surprisingly fast."

Racing enthusiasts know that Ford Focus is a front-runner in the World Rally Championship, where it bagged the 2006 Manufacturers Award, and where it is currently enjoying the number one spot led by Marcus Gronholm. The prestigious global motorsports activity provides a splendid platform on which to demonstrate the vehicle's exceptional speed, durability and advanced technology.

With "Fast cars & stars," Ford aims to recreate WRC in local grounds and put the Ford Focus to demonstrate the vehicle's capabilities, which is far beyond your everyday commute. "The event will allow the participants to see and feel the vehicle's world-class performance, including acceleration, handling and braking capability beyond anything on the road," Baker said.

As an added treat, and to share the Ford Focus' WRC heritage, winners of the race will get a chance to receive an all-expense paid trip to watch the race in Europe.

After battling it out on the track for the elimination round, celebrities who topped the competition were Dominic Ochoa (54.15 seconds), Louie Ysmael (54.81) and Raffy Santos (55.52). Media race winners, on the other hand, were Top Gear's Beeboy Bargas (53.93), Hotwire's Johnsy Reyes (54.78) and Philippine Star's Jeff Reyes (55.04). The top three winners received various prizes, including a set of tires courtesy of Goodyear Philippines, Inc., for the first placers.

Apart from the top three winners, other qualified participants will undergo advance race training under TRS, in preparation for the final leg of the challenge.

The recent introduction of the diesel-fed car brings to life Ford's tagline, "Make Every Day Exciting," which expresses Ford's commitment to deliver new vehicles that are innovative, stylish and fun to drive, giving their owners a sense of pride, as well as provide excellent value in terms of overall cost ownership.

Powered with a new turbo-diesel common-rail direct-injection (TDCi), the new Ford Focus delivers an exceptional peak torque of 340Nm and a unique transient "overboost" feature for excellent performance response, mated with a 6-speed transmission. The advanced engine delivers exceptional levels of driving quality and quiet operation, contributing significantly to an acknowledged Ford Focus strength Superior Driving Dynamics, in addition to German Engineering and European Styling.

At the heart of the Ford Focus TDCi
Known for its excellent driving dynamics, the new Ford Focus TDCi is now built with the precisely honed suspension, steering and braking systems to produce a highly rewarding driving experience.

The Ford Focus TDCi's power and torque output put it squarely in the premium diesel range while comparing well with the top-line petrol engines in the Focus range. The vehicle's peak torque of 340Nm at 2,000rpm and maximum power of 136PS at 4,000rpm makes it not only powerful but also agile and responsive, with plenty of pulling power at low engine speeds for user-friendly everyday driving. It also features a new transient 'overboost' feature, which automatically provides the driver with enhanced performance, particularly when accelerating hard from mid-engine speed.

Featuring a Variable Nozzle Turbo (VNT) technology and drive-by-wire system, the vehicle provides quicker engine response and better overall efficiency, plus higher power and torque, without increasing fuel consumption and emissions.

Despite an increase in power output, the new Ford Focus TDCi achieves a frugal 21.7kms/liter on a highway driving condition. That outstanding fuel economy is backed up by an excellent CO2 emissions output of just 148 grams per kilometer.
The common-rail fuel injection technology uses sophisticated injectors to deliver fuel to the individual cylinders under extremely high pressure. The combination of fine levels of injector control and high fuel pressures allows the engine combustion to be controlled with extreme precision.

To further enhance the driving quality of the Ford Focus 2.0-liter Duratorq TDCi, it is perfectly matched with a 6-speed manual transmission. It combines in-gear performance flexibility, engine responsiveness and top speed potential with improved fuel economy, and better refinement, because reduced engine revs at cruising speed result in quieter operation.

In addition, the Ford Focus TDCi is also built with a variable geometry turbocharger that virtually eliminates turbo lag, broadens the torque curve and promotes smoother and faster acceleration, making it a spirited performer.

In addition to contributing to fuel efficiency and driving dynamics, the latest generation common-rail injection technology also results to the vehicle's refinement. The electronically controlled system's ability to precisely shape the engine's combustion process under all operating conditions is the key to eliminating harshness, while also providing a cleaner, smoke-free operation.

The sum of these technologies is engine operation that contributes greatly to the overall driving quality of a diesel-equipped Ford Focus, ideal to customers who are discerning and willing to invest in premium diesel technology.

Be prepared to get surprised test drive the new Ford Focus 2.0-liter Duratorq TDCi Sport, available in August at P1,089,000 at Ford dealerships nationwide. In Metro Manila, Ford can be found in Alabang, Balintawak, Commonwealth, EDSA, Libis, Makati, Manila, Quezon Avenue and Shaw Boulevard. In the provinces, Ford dealerships are located in Bacolod, Batangas, Cabanatuan, Cagayan de Oro, Cavite, Cebu, Dagupan, Davao, Iloilo, Pampanga and San Pablo.