When Carlos Ghosn made his escape from Japanese authorities, one of the most common comments about the story was it was fit for a Hollywood plot.

Well, it seems that Ghosn was taking notes this whole time.

Ghosn isn't just thinking about making a film about his story, he's actually begun making steps to turning into a reality. According to a spokesperson, he has even contacted a major executive to get things started. Ghosn is now reportedly working with Michael Ovitz for what could be a possible movie or mini-series. Ovitz is the co-founder of Creative Artists Agency and served as an agent for Hollywood stars such as Tom Cruise, Barbra Streisand, Sylvester Stallone, and even Steven Speilberg. Ovitz is also the former president of The Walt Disney Company.

It isn't publicly known just how far Ghosn and Ovitz are in talks for a film, but the former executive is determined to air his side of the whole Nissan story. The Japanese automaker has accused Ghosn of embezzlement, but the ousted CEO has continuously maintained his innocence. He said it was all a plot from Nissan executives who, he claims, didn't want further integration with Renault. Ghosn says that he will publish a tell-all book detailing the resistance he met from Nissan executives.

Ghosn escaped from Japanese authorities after more than 100 days in detention. His escape involved an extraction team that even included a former American Green Beret. It is even said that he made his way out of the country by hiding in a musical instrument box, which he has since denied. He did still hide in a large box, which apparently wasn't screened because it was too big to fit inside an x-ray machine. The extraction team was able to charter a private plane to bring Ghosn back to his home country of Lebanon.

Since his escape, the Interpol has issued a warrant for his arrest, but Lebanese authorities aren't too keen about turning him over. Furthermore, Japan does not have an extradition deal with Lebanon, much to the frustration of the Japanese authorities.

Source: Japan Times