In the footsteps of the Tata Nano, car makers Toyota, Honda and Suzuki have all displayed what the future of mini-motoring is like at the 2010 Auto Expo in New Delhi, India.

Toyota released the Etios concept, slated for full production sometime in 2011. Toyota's new five-door hatchback (with a four door saloon on the way) has been designed to offer a modern style, a roomy interior, ride comfort and fuel economy at a competitive prices, catering to India's growing driver market.

Honda too has displayed what their next micro car will look like in the New Small Concept. Honda designers have created an efficient compact car with seating for five persons, using a wider platform for better stability. The exterior style of the concept car has been dubbed as an "Efficient Energetic Exterior", giving the little car a far better road presence that belies its size. Like the Etios, production is planned for 2011 in India.

Suzuki was also on hand to show what their future mini car would be like, and they did with the R3 MPV concept, which like the Toyota and Honda, is also planned for 2011. The R3 MPV concept features a 5 door hatchback and futuristic styling, both inside and out, including a large tailgate glass area and suicide rear doors.

Of the three, the Etios appears to be furthest along in terms of production status. There is no word as to whether the production versions of these new concepts will arrive at local dealers.