China certainly has a unique automotive market in the way that they have exclusive models not offered anywhere else in the world. It is also common in China for the same car to have two or three different faces and names depending on which manufacturer built it, and this is an example of one – the Honda Breeze.

The Breeze crossover is a product of Guangqi Honda, which is a joint venture between Honda Motor Company and the GAC Group. From first glance, the Breeze looks essentially like a CR-V albeit with a revised front and rear end; because that’s exactly what it is underneath – a CR-V.

China only Honda Breeze is a CR-V with the face of an Accord image

Styling wise, the front fascia of the Breeze appears to be modeled after the new-generation Accord. It features the brand’s signature Solid Wing Face design with the slimmer jewel eye headlights flanking the large chrome bar grill. At the bottom section of the bumper, there’s a large intake vent and circular fog lights in black housings.

The rear design is much simpler compared to the CR-V. Specifically, the taillights now feature slimmer LED units that no longer extend up to the spoiler. Interestingly, both front and rear bumpers don’t have black cladding found on the CR-V. Completing the exterior makeover is the new set of 5-spoke wheels.

According to CarNewsChina, this particular Breeze is the range-topping Black Edition variant. Furthermore, it will only be a 5-seat model unlike the 7-seater variant offered locally. Power will come from a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with 193 PS and 243 Nm of torque matched with a CVT. Top speed is supposedly rated at 193 km/h.

China only Honda Breeze is a CR-V with the face of an Accord image

At the moment, there are no images of the Breeze’s interior just yet. However, do expect it to be similar or exactly the same as the current-generation CR-V but loaded with more features.

Market launch of the Honda Breeze is set to take place later this year. Unfortunately, don’t expect to see it make a local debut here as it will be a China-exclusive model. Admittedly though, the Breeze does look sleeker than the CR-V.

Source: CarNewsChina