Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) promotes love for the environment to help in keeping blue skies for the children. HCPI recently invited students from the Ateneo Medical and Loyola Schools as part of its non-stop awareness campaign for fuel economy. Dubbed as the Honda Challenge Cup, the event was a fuel efficiency driving competition that imparted both realistic and economical driving techniques among participants. As the next generation of motorists, Honda taught these young students the correct way of driving to optimize fuel mileage.

To put into practical use these driving tips under real-world driving situations, Honda provided its clean, green driving machines like the City, Jazz, Civic and Accord for the use of the participants. Students were then tasked to consume the least amount of gasoline under city and highway driving conditions while using normal driving style and with a running air conditioning system.

Applying the basic formula in driving every drop of fuel, VEHICLE plus DRIVER plus FUEL equals FUEL ECONOMY, the students were able to accomplish remarkable results. Carlo Agdamag registered 16.08 km/l using the 1.3 Honda City. Anthony Regalado and Exodus Roxas posted 16.50 km/l with the 1.5 Honda City. Karl Coresis and Ryan Chung had 14.76 km/li with the 1.5 Honda Jazz. The tandem of Janjan Ibanez and Jason Cunanan registered 17.70 km/li with the 1.8 Honda Civic while Paolo Luz and Christopher Batan posted 13.06 km/li using the 3.5 Honda Accord.

"We always enjoy spending time with the youth --- our future leaders. We hope that whatever they learned today will be applied in their daily driving trips. Teaching proper and economical driving while they are young is key in forming correct habits," said Mr. Hiroshi Shimizu, president and general manager of Honda Cars Phils., Inc. "We also take pleasure in finding similar characteristics with the youth. Just like these students, Honda remains youthful in its dreams and passions that have led the creation of innovative mobility products," he added.

"Since 1996, Honda has pioneered staging of fuel economy runs in the local industry, come high or low fuel prices. Honda has taken proactive measures in calling on everyone to get the most out of fuel, DRIVE EVERY DROP and reduce emissions as part of its longtime commitment to leave blue skies for our children." said Mr. Voltaire Gonzales, Vehicle Sales and Corporate Communications Head of HCPI.

For fuel saving tips and technologies that reduce harmful emissions, visit and watch out for upcoming editions of the Honda Challenge Cup.