The reveal of a new version of a much-beloved platform can be a make-or-break moment for manufacturers. Cars such as the Honda Jazz/Fit have found a strong fanbase across the globe for its versatility, ease of use, and proper driving characteristics. And you can believe the pressure that is weighed over Honda’s shoulders to deliver something appealing for its latest iteration.

The latest model, recently revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show, appears to be splitting opinions. On one hand, Honda argues that their design has taken a minimalistic, no-frills approach to the subcompact hatch. No unnecessary body creases, flares, or attachments find themselves across the Fit/Jazz, supposedly making for a simple yet utilitarian look. The camp where most of the Internet resides thinks however that the design of the new Fit/Jazz is very lackluster. Nothing seems to be engaging and enticing for it anymore - like a mere appliance. And considering that photos can easily be manipulated, people have taken to ‘fixing’ the Fit/Jazz on their own.

This photo of the newly revealed Fit/Jazz sporting an FK8 Civic Type R front end is making the rounds today, and it seems quite convincing that Honda could have been served an idea for a potential Fit/Jazz Type R.

The Internet wants to fix the Honda Jazz image

Aside from the Type R look, there are others who have re-imagined the car in various ways. For example, a Spoon version which actually looks like a possibility given the tuning shop's relationship with Honda. 

The Internet wants to fix the Honda Jazz image

Another is a unique take on the subcompact hatch with a set of custom wheels, lowered ride height, and a bit more jazz over all. 

These may be tuned by Photoshop for now, but we'll definitely see loads of enterprising aftermarket body shops is willing to 'fix' the new Fit/Jazz for you.