Lotus Cars, a name synonymous with British sportscars, has recently released the photos of a comprehensive concept car lineup, reviving old, iconic nameplates and introducing new ones.

The Lotus Elan concept is at the top of the list, and represents the new beating heart of the Lotus line-up. It's a high performance sports car as a Lotus should be, but thanks to some clever innovations the Elan also has everyday usability too. Set for release during the second half of 2013, the Elan features a 4.0 liter V6 pressure charged engine capable of delivering up to 450 PS and a relative light weight of 1,295kg. From a styling perspective, the Elan is built like an athlete with a muscular physique and perfect poise. It's a thoroughbred, rigid with tension, ambitious and addictive, nothing but best in class will suffice for this car. In keeping with the rest of the new Lotus range, the Elan features optional hybrid technology with KERS.

Another new concept is the Lotus Elise, due for release in 2015. The Elise remains the classic 2 seat sportscar that its famous for, and has a young, strong and confident design statement. The Elise retains performance through lightness and thus handles as a Lotus should. The Elise will feature a 2 liter inline-4 engine, force induced to deliver up to 320 PS, reaching 100 km/h in under 4.5 seconds.

A car making its return is the ultimate Lotus, the Esprit... a performance car that without a doubt true Lotus aficionados have been waiting for. The new Esprit represents the very essence of exclusive supercar driving, picking up and exceeding the legacy of it's forefathers. Powered by a 5.0 liter V8 force induced engine delivering up to 620 PS, the Esprit retains exceptional performance through it's unique lightweight design making it the ultimate expression of Lotus supercar ownership. The styling of the Esprit echoes the performance with strong lines throughout the sleek low body. The symmetry through the mass and proportion of the Esprit give it an intense look, it's the perfect example of the new Lotus DNA in action.

While the first 3 concepts have been revivals of past models, the next two are entirely new models, showing Lotus's intent to break into new performance markets. The first one is the Eterne, a four door super saloon from Lotus. The Eterne is a true four door, four seater sports GT, featuring refined style, sophistication and grace. The Eterne will be powered by the same engine as the Esprit, a 5.0 liter pressure charged V8 engine delivering up to 620 PS and will benefit from hybrid technology.

The last concept is the Elite, a ground breaking new Grand Tourer from Lotus. The Elite features a compact, stylish body that is elegance incarnate. In keeping with Lotus' core values, it's a car of substance incorporating some of the very latest technological innovations Lotus has to offer. The slick retractable hard top and the optional use of hybrid technology with KERS are typical examples of Lotus tailoring technology to deliver perfect performance. The 620 PS V8 makes its way into the new Elite, giving the shark like exterior a hard bite, making it able to sprint to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds. The Elite is set for release in spring 2014.