Luxury automakers typically want to pursue partnerships (or even full-on synergies) to translate their craft and brand to something else. Many of them typically team up with Swiss watchmakers or come up with leather products and other luxury merchandise; standard practices, really.

Lexus wanted something a little different. They came up with a yacht, and it's easily the most expensive Lexus money can buy.

The Japanese luxury automaker has teamed up with Marquis Yachts to come up with the LY650, a 65-foot long yacht that proudly bears the Lexus logo. And they just held the maiden voyage of it in Florida with celebrities, sports icons, and none other than Toyota chief Akio Toyoda.

Lexus LY650 Yacht image

"The LY 650 symbolizes the challenge taken by Lexus, which aspires to be a true luxury lifestyle brand, to venture beyond the automobile," said Toyoda.

The design of the yacht was the responsibility of Venice-based Nuvolari Lenard, a design studio largely focused on yachts and super yachts. There are metallic accents on the LY650, and L-inspired design elements on the 65' 5” long (19.94 meters), 18' 11” wide (5.76 meters) yacht.

Lexus LY650 Yacht image

The LY650 has three staterooms, which means 6 people can sleep in luxury, and each room has a shower. Lexus focused on the Japanese concept of omotenashi (hospitality) for the LY650 so they outfitted it for comfort. There are three sofas on the bow deck, while the salon has two captain's seats and more sofas to lounge on.

Lexus LY650 Yacht image

Being a Lexus, the LY 650 features some of the most advanced materials such as carbon fiber and GFRP that not only make it look good, but lightens the overall package. CFD technology helps optimize the LY 650 to cruise on the water at high speed, and being a Lexus, it's built with an attention on enhanced noise isolation and suppression.

The LY 650 is touted by Lexus as featuring some of their most advanced technologies. A new LY-Link system allows the yacht to stay connected, and even has functions that allow the owner to manipulate functions like A/C via smartphone. Also, it can even be specified with a custom Mark Levinson audio system, just like their road cars.

Lexus LY650 Yacht image

What Lexus wanted to create with Marquis was a yacht that was an exemplar of their brand's principles of handcrafted luxury; Lexus, after all, pride themselves with the craftsmanship of their takumis. Lexus even implemented the Toyota Production System with their new yacht.

Interestingly enough, Lexus didn't develop their own engine for the LY 650. Instead, it comes with two Volvo Penta engines.

Just how much would an LY650 set you back? Three to four million U.S. dollars, depending on how it's specced. That's 6 to 8 times more than the LFA.