Audi Canada took brand experience to the next level with their quattro Experience slot car track. As a brand with 'Vorsprung durch Technik' as its slogan which means 'advancement through technology', Audi commissioned Slot Mods USA to built a 20x7 feet custom track environment and custom built Audi A4 slot cars. 

a unique slot car experience

The custom A4 slot cars were even custom tuned so that the traction magnets reproduce the handling characteristics of Audi's Quattro all-wheel drive system to prevent the slot cars from coming off the track while still keeping it fun. The Audi slogan was took even further with custom in-car cameras made from miniature spy cams with custom circuitry to wirelessly transmit the live stream. It didn’t end there, the cameras are paired with a custom iPad app putting players in the cockpit view of a slot car instead of playing with a bird’s eye view as you normally do. A digital thumb control interface on the app replaces the traditional electronic controller.

Watch the short film by Tamir Moscovici below on how they put the whole thing together.