After releasing several vehicles at the cutting edge of performance throughout the years, it’s safe to say that McLaren knows a thing or two about the makings of a hypercar. Since hypercars have replaced supercars in the hierarchy, people have wondered what kind of car will break the highest echelon of automotive exotica.

Judging from the brand new McLaren Speedtail, it looks like the folks from Woking have coined a new term to succeed the hypercar: Meet the Hyper GT.

The McLaren Speedtail is the world’s fastest teardrop

If its teardrop shape and flawless streamlined body are anything to go by, the Speedtail appears focused on one thing and one thing alone: speed. McLaren claims it is now officially the fastest vehicle they’ve ever made – supposedly being capable of over 400 km/h. This vehicle then trumps the previous record set by the McLaren F1 at 391 km/h. That said, in order to stay aerodynamically efficient the Speedtail was created with a long, elongated body to slice through the wind at speed.

To achieve this no-frills shape, McLaren have taken considerable yet minimalistic approaches to intakes and grills placed around the body. Ground effects have been kept underneath with no protruding sections. Even its side cameras can be retracted once the car’s up to speed. The front wheels are also covered with carbon fiber aero discs to prevent turbulence from air passing the side sections.

The McLaren Speedtail is the world’s fastest teardrop

Considering that it effectively succeeds the F1 as McLaren’s fastest road car, the similarities don’t stop at the stats alone. Hop into the Speedtail and you’ll recognize its center cockpit position – reminiscent of the F1’s pioneering seating arrangement. Inside the wheel and instrumentation take center stage, while screens on both A-pillars act as side mirrors that project images from the retractable side cameras.

As for its powertrain, the Speedtail reportedly produces 1050 PS from a hybrid powertrain similar to that of the McLaren P1. That considered though, the Speedtail achieves 300 km/h in 12.8 seconds versus the P1’s 16.5. This must mean that the Speedtail must have had further tweaks to bring those figures down significantly.

The McLaren Speedtail is the world’s fastest teardrop

To further accentuate other quirks of this vehicle, it’s bubble-top greenhouse is actually made of electrochromatic glass that darkens at the touch of a button. No need for sun visors then. Its Pirelli P-Zero tires are also bespoke to the Speedtail to handle its extreme speeds.

Only 106 Speedtails will be created, and all have been spoken for at $2.24 million USD (Php 120 million) each.