Volvo recently launched the new S80 at their dealership in Pasong Tamo, Makati this past June 13, 2007. Addressing the crowd and formally launching the Volvo S80 were Atty. Albert Arcilla, President and Chief Executive Officer of Viking Cars, Incorporated and Mr. Jack Zaal Regional Business Manager of Volvo from the Premier Automotive Group Asia.

For the confident looking for comfort

The all new Volvo S80 is a statement of subtle class, its new exterior is composed of a plethora of convex shapes that make it more pronounced but not ostentatious. The top of the line 4.4 liter V8 variant comes with 18-inch rims that give the S80 a sporty stance while still exuding an executive flair. The S80 has the same overall length as its predecessor (4850 mm), but is 27 mm broader and 34 mm taller. The wheelbase is longer and the track is wider. The new S80 comes with a sleeker and thinner center console that Volvo calls "Floating" and has an easy to use interface for AC, radio and on-board computer. The new S80 presents itself as an executive sedan with all the tech gadgets for the new age driver while staying user friendly for those who just want to be pampered in luxurious Swedish comfort.

Volvo Safety

Being a Volvo the S80 comes packed with a number of safety equipment. Collision Warning with Brake Support (CW) helps avoid rear-end impacts. If the car approaches another vehicle from behind and the driver does not react, the system alerts the driver with audible and visual signals. If the risk of a collision continues to increase despite the warning, the brake support system is activated, amplifying the amount of pressure of the brake pads on the discs through hydraulics.

Headlamps contain Active Bi-Xenon Headlights that follow the curvature of the road as you turn to give better vision at night. A new side impact air bag employs two separate inflation chambers; one for the hip and one for the chest. Since hips withstand greater impact than the chest can, the lower chamber is inflated at five times higher pressure than the upper section.

The all new Volvo S80 is also equipped with BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) and IDIS (Intelligent Driver Information System), two innovations that help the driver maintain better control over the traffic situation. BLIS registers if another vehicle is in the offset rear blind spot alongside the car and alerts the driver via a visual signal. IDIS helps stop the driver being distracted by non-essential information in pressing situations, for instance by delaying incoming phone calls or SMS.


The new S80 has won numerous awards. In Geneva it was given the Auto1 award for "Best new car in the saloon/estate category in the upper middle class" for 2007 by Auto Bild Austria. It has also won an award as "Fleet car for The Year" by Firmenwagen in Austria, "Best Car in business class" by Klaxon magazine in Russia and "Car of the Year for 2007" in the United States by AutoMundo.

Choose your S80

The new Volvo S80 comes in 3 variants. The base model S80 comes with a 2.5 Liter, 5 cylinder 20 valve engine that has 200 bhp employing a Light Pressure Turbo with a 6-speed "Geartronic" Adaptive Transmission. This is being sold for 3.45 million pesos.

The mid-level S80 comes with a normally-aspirated DOHC with VVT 3.2 Liter engine with 6 cylinders, 24 valves and 238 bhp. It put power to the ground through a 6-speed "Geartronic" Adaptive transmission and can be had for 3.795 million pesos.

The top of the line Volvo S80 comes with a 4.4 liter 32 valve NA V8 engine with 315bhp that gets to the ground through a 6-speed Geartronic transmission and all-wheel drive. Price for admission is 4.495 million.