Think Batmobile, and if you grew up watching the Tim Burton movies, you think of a long hooded automobile that can transform into the ‘Batmissile’. If you also happened to watch the Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan, then you think of the tank-like ‘Tumbler’ that is capable of stealth, comes complete with a wide array of arsenal, and can turn into the ‘Batpod’.

With another Batman movie coming next year (simply titled as The Batman), the new movie will see Bruce Wayne being played by a younger actor courtesy of Robert Pattinson (yes, the Twilight guy). Some of you might have already seen the new Batsuit a couple of weeks ago, but what we’re more interested is seeing the new Batmobile.

Batman’s new Batmobile looks like a mid-engined muscle car image

Well it looks like our prayers have been answered as Matt Reeves, the director of the new Batman movie, recently posted on Twitter the first images of The Caped Crusader’s new set of wheels.

So what makes this Batmobile different from the rest? Well for starters, the new Batmobile appears to take on the form of a mid-engine sports car. Based on the photos provided, the all-black automobile appears to have a V8 (or V10) engine hanging out at the back and looks mean as heck. Moreover, it also has what looks to be aggressively-designed rear fenders which further accentuate the car’s badass looks.

New Batmobile looks straight out of Fast & Furious image

As for the front of the car, the Batmobile appears to take inspiration from classic muscle cars of the 1960’s. We have yet to take a good look at its face, but it’s quite clear that the vehicle seems to take on an old school look. With the premise of the film focusing on a younger Batman, perhaps the movie itself is set in the 1970’s or 1980’s.

With the movie set to premiere on June 25, 2021, it might be a long while before we get to see the first trailer. Hopefully though we will get a closer look at the new Batmobile should the first trailer drop soon.