After the launch of the exhilarating Mazda3 sedan, Mazda Philippines once again breaks the local car industry protocol with the launch of the the other side of the Mazda3 coin: The Mazda3 5 door.

Touted as the exciting counterpart of the multi-awarded sedan offering of Mazda, the new variant will surely fire up the desire of die-hard car enthusiasts as they will have an opportunity to experience a distinct Euro-inspired sheet metal design amidst sedan clones of other makes. The new Mazda3 5 door also allows one to indulge in Zoom-Zoom dynamics while maintaining a dash of practical stance.

Mechanically identical to the Mazda3 sedan, it also shares all the latter's award-winning virtues. From the 1.6 liter DOHC MZR engine, to the flexible and convenient ActiveMatic transmisison and the suspension setup, to the exquisite interior and safety appointments, one is assured that the dynamic genes that characterized the Mazda3 sedan is never missed in the Mazda3 5-door.

"The Zoom-Zoom spirit is totally embodied in the Mazda3 5-door. This vehicle is for stylish, spirited, and intuitive people who set their own standards. After all, driving a five-door vehicle in a society dominated by conventional sedans, would need a different driver who has his own mindset and someone who just doesn't go with the flow," Mazda Philippines Managing Director David Macasadia points out.

The Mazda3 5 door is available at all Mazda dealerships starting October 11, 2004 with a very attractive price of PHP 755,000.