Twenty five years ago, Mercedes-Benz introduced the Model 190 and laid the foundations for what is to become the bestselling model series in the history of the brand: the C-Class. Today, the fourth generation of this best-selling Mercedes will grace the CATS Showrooms.

Since inventing the first automobile, Mercedes-Benz has evolved into one of the world's most recognised and desired cultural icons. The legendary 3-pointed star symbolises the pioneering spirit that represents luxury, quality, innovation and safety on roads all over the world.

Once again, that same pioneering spirit that fascinated the world for over 120 years offers a new interpretation of Mercedes-Benz driving pleasure that makes you one with the car and let's you experience the road as never before.

Whatever life you lead, whatever driving style you choose, there is a new C-Class that will suit your every need.

The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class is the ONLY car in its segment that offers two (2) distinct designs that reflects your personal style - - whether you prefer a timeless elegant design or a sporty avantgarde look.

Aside from its sleek and superb design, the new C-Class meets the clamour of today's market for safety with innovations such as the preventive occupant protection system PRE-SAFEŽ and the Intelligent Light System that is offered only to this car in this vehicle class. The new C-Class also asserts its leading position in this market segment with the ADAPTIVE BRAKE system and the situation-related shock absorber control system of the AGILITY CONTROL package.

Long trips will seem much too short and stress-free travelling becomes a possibility with the new Audio/Telematics System that allows more communication and entertainment on the road. A part of the Audio/Telematics System is the COMAND Control and Display which combines a state-of-the-art 4-gigabyte music server, DVD player and a telephone connection makes you steer clear of the hassles on the road.

Another particularly welcome addition to the new C-Class armory is the optional LINGUATRONIC which sets new standards in computerised voice recognition keeping both your hands on the steering wheel for calling or reading text messages and highlights comfort as all-round issue of car design. Using your mobile phone while driving doesn't have to be a hassle. The new C-Class is integrated with Bluetooth functionality which allows you safe hands-free driving with nearly all commercially available mobile phones.

Locally, CATS Motors is offering four variants of the new C-Class, these are the C200 Kompressor Elegance, C200 Kompressor Avantgarde, C280 Avantgarde, C350 Avantgarde AMG Sport. Pricetags of which start at Php2,880,000 up to Php4,480,000.