PGA Cars, Inc. chairman Robert Coyiuto, Jr., has always wanted to concoct a meaningful way to help Filipinos improve their technological skills and capabilities.

For Porsche AG, they have always wanted to recruit qualified personnel for Porsche Centers in emerging markets (such as the Middle East, Latin America), in order to solidify a strong dealer network worldwide.

For the underprivileged but highly qualified students from Don Bosco Technical Institute who took a nine-month specialized Porsche training course, they have always wanted a ticket - through their automotive and English skills training - out of poverty, in order to help their families and loved ones.

The Porsche Training and Recruitment Center Asia, in cooperation with PGA Cars, Inc. Porsche A.G., Porsche Asia Pacific and Don Bosco Technical Insititute, has already produced four batches of graduates totaling to 58 scholars to be classified as Porsche Mechatronics, providing the worldwide Porsche Center service network with world-class after-service personnel that can support Porsche's growth in vehicle sales and increasing demand for quality service. The fast development in the field of automotive technology makes high demands in after sales. Qualified workshop staff forms the basis for the fulfillment of customer expectations. With their graduation, the Porsche Training and Recruitment Center Asia scholars are assured to be employed in Porsche's worldwide dealer network. They will become not only one of the country's dollar earners, but a source of joy and pride to their families as the top breadwinner.

With a new batch of Porsche Training and Recruitment Center Asia students having completed the Porsche Mechatronics program all assured of employment worldwide - the aspirations of helping Filipinos improve their technological and communication skills, creating a solid Porsche-qualified service personnel pool and having a well-rounded Christian education the dream has now become a reality.