When it comes to fuel selection, we motorists tend to lean towards fuels with lower prices. What we don't realize is, if our aim is to save on fuel consumption and, in effect, on the amount we spend every time we gas up our cars, we should consider more than just cost per liter. If we really want to get the most out of our cars and the fuel we put in them, the actual numbers we should focus on are the octane ratings.

You'll notice the bold yellow stickers beside the gasoline nozzles at the station with a number stating the octane rating of that particular fuel. It's important to know the octane rating that best suits your type of vehicle-and gas up with the fuel that complements it. Using fuel that doesn't match your car's requirement could result in engine knocking, power loss, and eventual engine damage.

Petron offers three premium fuels with different octane ratings to suit your car's needs. With a rating of 93, Xtra Unleaded provides you with power delivery for more mileage as proven in the Petron Xtra Mile Challenge. XCS Plus, at an octane rating of 95, brings unrestrained power with controlled fuel consumption. And for a power surge that lasts, there's Petron Blaze with an octane rating of 96+.

So remember, when choosing the right fuel for your car, don't let costs fool you. Go for the widest range of premium gasoline, available at Petron.