With more than THB60 million spent to organize the world class motor show in Thailand, the "31st Bangkok International Motor Show" is still taking great care of Mother Nature with the theme "Ecology Driving Save the Earth" - new technology and new car debuts waiting to rumble in all areas of the show.

"For this year's show, we are expecting not less than 26 car and motorcycle manufacturers to participate in the show. The show will start from March 26 to April 6 2010 at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC). We also have increased the PR budget by 20-million baht to support booking sales during the show by about 20 percent or 20,000 vehicles. We are expecting about THB4.5 billion of cash inflow from vehicle sales in this year's Motor Show. We estimate about 1.8 million visitors will attend this year's event," said Dr. Prachin.

"We have received such a great contribution from the Thai Automotive Industry, Thailand Automotive Institute and the Ministry of Industry plus kindness support from the private sectors who brought in the latest sophisticated technology in order to bring up the Thai Automotive Industry to another level. Ecology Driving Save the Earth is the concept for this year show. As we have seen many global climate changes in many countries, we are aware that it is everyone's responsibility to give hands and save the earth at the earliest," Dr. Prachin continued.

"To be the center of "hopes" and "wishes" as a recovery from the global economy crisis, The Bangkok International Motor Show is still standing firmly to make those hopes and wishes come true," said Mr. Jaturont Komolmis, Senior Vice-President of Grand Prix International Co., Ltd.

The Bangkok International Motor Show is undeniably the ASEAN region's premiere auto show with automotive technological development being first priority. Highlights for this year's event include concept cars from Honda and the Toyota RIN, the World Debuts of the new Nissan March, and the right-hand-drive Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet. Other confirmed debuts are the Mazda2 sedan, Ford Fiesta, Nissan March, BMW X1, Mercedes-Benz SLS Gull wing, and Hyundai Tucson.

This year's concept continues on from last year's theme. As it says "Ecology Driving Save the Earth" which means, today the world has changed rapidly as we can see from the global climate change and the global warming crisis. It is our responsibility and first priority as a human being to protect and minimize its affects.

The 12-day event is slated from March 24 until April 6 with the first two days scheduled as VIP day and Press Day. The show is open to public from March 26. Show schedule is set at 1200-2200 hrs on weekdays and 1100-2200 hrs on weekends.

Organizers encourage visitors to attend the show via public transport. This year, the show's free shuttle bus service will be located in 3 areas: BITEC-On nut and vice versa, BITEC-Central City Bangna and vice versa, BITEC-Seacon Square and vice versa.

"With 30 years of professional experience, I believe this 31st Bangkok International Motor Show will receive such a great acceptance. A great confidence of the Thai will be gaining as the great success of the show continues," Mr. Jaturont stated.

In addition to the show's 31st year celebration, a special exhibition in honor of the King of Thailand features His majesty's dedicated works to be displayed on the large LCD screen. And also his majesty royal classical car collections will be displayed to the public everyday at the main entrance of BITEC.