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The Schone Sterne Mercedes-Benz festival is a photographer's buffet


Schone Sterne brings together vintage and modern Mercs

Feeling the itch to Instagram some pretty cool (or pretty and cool) cars in an amazing setting?

Well, you may want to book a ticket to Dusseldorf and head to Hattingen from August 25 to 26, as the Schone Sterne is going to give you just what you wanted. And you better have a camera handy.


Literally translated as “beautiful stars”, the Schone Sterne promises to bring together Mercedes-Benz models from all eras. From ultra rare classics up to and including modern, high-performance Mercs, all will be at Schone Sterne.

What makes the event unique is that instead of gathering all these cars in a parking lot or an exhibition hall, Schone Sterne is held at the old Heinrichshutte iron works facility in the town of Hattingen, Germany. The setting provides a uniquely industrial backdrop for the pristinely-maintained automobiles wearing the three-pointed star. 

Mercedes-Benz, the major sponsor of the event, will also be showcasing (and selling) classic automobiles on site as a part of the All-Time Stars trading platform. Some of the vehicles they will have on site will include a Smart Crossblade, a 1982 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE, and a 1998 Mercedes-Benz SL 320 Special Edition.

If you do go, make sure your camera (or smartphone) has a full battery and plenty of space to store some great images.  

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