Earlier this month, the National Association of Filipino Off-roaders (NASFOR) and the Manila Off-roaders, Inc. (MORI), led by Ramon To-Ong and Brian Ong respectively, formally opened the country's first off-road park. Called the Southwoods 4x4 Park, it is located in Southwoods City, Laguna. Joining NASFOR and MORI for the park's opening were members of the Land Rover Club of the Philippines and Pampanga Adventure Team (PAT).

ATV's join in on the fun

The park aims to provide enthusiasts a safe, secure and challenging venue that is accessible to many. The park is less than one kilometer away from the Southwoods exit and provides off-roaders an alternative playground without having to travel far from the Metro. SUVs and pickups are not the only ones that can take on the track. ATVs and extreme off-road racers can also join in on the fun.

Taking on the mud pit

Southwoods 4x4 Park's layout was made by veteran track designer Lito Joaquin who currently develops tracks used for production class races as well as those used in extreme off-road competitions. NASFOR was commissioned by property owner Megaworld to oversee the design, and eventually, the construction of the track. Apart from steep inclines and hills, the track also features table tops, horse shoe obstacles, V-canals, a 15 foot saucer, mud pits, and rock and buried tire segments.