Earlier this month, Kia announced that they will be debuting an all-new electric vehicle at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Together with the announcement, the Korean automaker also released a lone teaser photo showing the still unnamed electric vehicle’s front end.

Now, just a week before the Geneva Motor Show debuted, Kia has released more teaser photos of the electric vehicle showing its futuristic interior and revealing more details about the vehicle. 

Inside, Kia’s upcoming electric vehicle has a dashboard and steering wheel design that looks to have come straight out of science fiction. The dashboard features 21 individual high resolution screens organized in a unconventional fashion. Interestingly, these screens are shaped similar to spikes with sharp edges at the top. Meanwhile, the steering wheel is unlike the current circular design we know today as it has a U-shaped indention. Keen eyed readers would also notice that the interior lacks buttons as well.

The other teaser photo gives a closer look at the Kia’s front end. While not much can be learned from this angle, we see that the unique LED headlights are a lot larger than expected and are said to pay homage to Kia’s tiger nose grill design. It will also have massive wheels with what appears to be glass inserts.

Other details revealed by Kia give us an idea of the electric car’s shape. For instance, the windshield and roof will be made from one giant, curved piece of glass that runs all the way to the rear seats. The concept will also be able to seat four people and combines the elements of a ‘muscular sports utility vehicle, a sleek and athletic family saloon and a versatile and spacious crossover’. Furthermore, the automaker says that the all-electric concept is designed to ‘get your pulse racing’. 

The steering on this Kia concept is straight out of Star Trek image

“Kia prides itself on its power to surprise, which is why we wanted to move away from the rational and focus on the emotional, and embrace a warmer and more human approach to electrification. After all, electricity is found within every atom – it’s the energy that flows within us and around us on our planet. Harnessing its potential has propelled us from one innovation to the next,” says Gregory Guillaume, vice president of design for Kia Motors Europe.