In line with the celebration of its 20th Anniversary this 2008, Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation announces its very first Photojournalism contest open to all members of the media. The contest aims to award excellence in automotive journalism that is dedicated in providing accurate and relevant information about the motoring arena and its role in moving the Philippine Society Forward. All entries related to this description are qualified to compete.

Consisting of two categories, the print/online article category and the video category, the contest aspires to touch majority of the journalism platforms including magazine, newspaper, web, and television. Entries could come in the form of English, Filipino, and other local dialects. In addition, participants may submit as many entries for both categories. This effort of reaching out to diverse bases is part of Toyota's vision as it marks another milestone of being in the market for two decades. As it remembers its rich past, Toyota also anchors on the principle of driving tomorrow with the development of a progressive future in mind – not only with its products but also with its other aspects of operations.

All entries will be judged according to the following criteria: 25% for originality, 25% for story, 10% for impact, 30% for relevance, and 10% for technical and content composition. Entries could be submitted from May 15 to July 30 and have to be published within the said timeframe. For both categories, there will be three top placers and three consolation winners.

All legitimate members of the media are invited to join the Toyota Driving Tomorrow Awards and continue to promote objective yet insightful articles. Complete competition rules, guidelines, and the application form are now available at