Isuzu, undoubtedly the world's largest truck maker and diesel king for over three decades, has shown the local industry its other side, the side in which its reputation rests on.

Judging from the sheer number of Isuzu trucks and buses of all sizes which are abound in the country, it's just natural for them to conduct the largest showcase of trucks and buses, which is also dubbed as the "Isuzu Truck Attack". This event clearly demonstrates where Isuzu is definitely at home excelling aside from churning out dependable commercial vehicles. Doubling also as an industry event, this unique showcase also gave an opportunity for all kinds of entrepreneurs to see what Isuzu has in store for them.

This awesome showcase of the latest truck offerings from Isuzu at the World Trade Center, particularly the N-series, the F-series, and the LT and LV Bus series made some guests recalibrate their eye sights, particularly those accustomed to seeing Crosswinds, D-MAX's or Troopers on local roads. Now, this is innovation and diesel technology that's twice the size, power, and capacity before them. An upsized Isuzu, you might say.

Augmenting this event are Isuzu's business partners such as Almazora, Ample Air Air-conditioning, Carry Boy, Centro, Denso, Multi-Lift, PAWI (makers of ROTA wheels), Pinnacle, Pioneer, 3M, and Trans-Orient.

From the smallest to the largest, Mr. Art Balmadrid, Isuzu's VP for Fleet Sales, Parts and Service outlined them one by one, starting with the:

Isuzu IPV: Fuego Underpinnings

Carrying the erstwhile Fuego (known in Japan as the Faster or TFR) genes, this versatile workhorse from Isuzu proves to be the vehicle of choice for the budding entrepreneur. Powered by the ever reliable and efficient 4JA1 direct injection diesel engine, the versatility of passenger carrying or load conveyance is at your hands. The front engine location is indeed a notch safer, as it provides that extra cushion during frontal collisions, unlike traditional cab-over vans. The IPV is configurable to suit any business need.

Isuzu N-series: the Big Elf

The Isuzu N-series, widely known in the country and in Japan as the Elf, is now more powerful than ever, aside from being Euro I emission standards compliant. Like the IPV, it can also be tailor-made to fit every logistic need, whether it is for transporting people, cargo, refuse, and the like. The N-series come in three guises, mainly, the NHR (Elf 150) with a 2.8 liter direct injection diesel engine and with a Gross Vehicle Mass of 3.5 tons, the ever popular 4.4-tonner NKR model (Elf 250) and 6-tonner NPR (Elf 350) with 4.3 liter direct-injection diesel engines, and their big brother, the 8.0-tonner NQR (Forward Juston), with the 4.6 liter direct-injection diesel engine.

The main features of the N-series trucks are the refreshing cabin design, which is still stunning despite its age, exhaust (engine) brake system which excellently adds braking power, and the constant width frame for that extra reliability for heavy loads.

Isuzu F-Series: Farther Forward

Another perennial Isuzu truck which is otherwise known as the Isuzu Forward, the FTR series share the same virtue of easy adaptability to almost every application. Now equipped with air brakes for that superb stopping power, the F-series is now equipped with Isuzu's 6HH1-N engine, in which superior power, reliability and unmatched fuel economy is assured. The Isuzu F-series is one living proof that one could never go wrong with Isuzu trucks.

Isuzu LT and LV Buses

Definitely the next generation people-mover of Isuzu, the LT and LV bus bodies (known in Japan as the Erga) boast of contemporary cabin design, as well as offering unprecedented levels of passenger comfort and convenience. Of course, as with all Isuzu vehicles, aesthetics are not the only ones capable of delivering satisfaction. It's the power plant that matters the most.

The LV chassis boasts of a direct injection 9.8 liter intercooler turbo with a 320 Hp maximum output, accompanied with stump-pulling torque at 120 kg-m. The medium duty LT chassis, on the other hand carry Isuzu's 6HE1-TC 7.1 liter diesel engine, with figures of 230 Hp and 68 kg-m of torque. Displacements of these engines are the largest in its class. Power figures are not accompanied by guilt as the aforementioned engines are Euro 2 emission standards compliant.

Isuzu: The Nation's Workhorse

True to their commitment to serving the nation as they did decades ago, the new trucks and buses from Isuzu truly reinforces that statement. But what's unique with Isuzu is that they do not only offer vehicles, they offer solutions. Indeed, no other manufacturer deserves to be called the country's Logistics Specialist but Isuzu.