Allen Specialty Products Co., officially introduces OPTIMA Batteries "The Ultimate Power Source" to the Philippine market. The company debuted the product lineup recently at the 2008 Manila Auto Salon, the country's biggest automotive aftermarket show held at the SMX Convention Center.

OPTIMA batteries were first developed in 1967 in Denver, Colorado in response to a military need for an advanced power supply. In November 2000, Johnson Controls purchased OPTIMA Batteries and has since built OPTIMA into the world's premier lead-acid battery technology.

All OPTIMA batteries feature a patented SPIRALCELL Technology. OPTIMA Batteries produces three separate product lines, each addressing a particular consumer with distinct power needs:


Delivers high power cranking ability with greater resistance to the biggest causes of battery failure. The RedTop is commonly used in trucks, SUVs, luxury cars, hot rods, off-road vehicles and other applications where a non-spillable, high power, long-lasting starting battery is needed.


Nearly the only true dual-purpose battery on the market. The YellowTop is commonly used in any application that demands cranking power and heavy cycling. Trucks with winches, cars with high-demand audio systems, commercial trucks and equipment all rely on this battery to provide ultimate starting and deep cycle power.


Available as either a starting battery or a deep cycle battery for marine applications and has all the valuable characteristics of its two brothers. It is designed for those boaters with electric trolling motors, onboard electronics, stereo systems or those who simply need a sure-starting, strong cranking, maintenance-free battery.

SPIRALCELL Technology, proprietary to OPTIMA, allows for low internal resistance. Decreased internal resistance, along with the completely sealed case, is the key to their unparalleled high-power delivery, increased cycle life and fast recharge capability.

For more information or dealer information about Optima Batteries, Allen Specialty Products Co., can be contacted at Unit 6J 20 Lansbergh Place, 170 Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City, phone numbers (02)3746302; (02)3746311; (02)3746291; (02)3746292, and e-mail [email protected]